Everybody said that “How can i buy ammo?” and I am telling this about. Buying ammo in eve online

How can you buy Ammunition?

You can see is there any ammo in front of gun icon in screen. If you have got ammunition there is amount of in front of gun icons down.

Eve Online

First you must open Regional Market Panel

If you can open panel write “Antimatter charge” to search section in left. And select

You can find the one that suits you.


Select market and Set Destination

Buying in Eve Online

We must “jump” or “Warp” depending on distance.

If you can see matchability you can buy in this store. Also you don’t need see it from there. You can look suitable sector’s market from far away.

Eve Online

You must up the Bid Price for purchasing power. If you up the price seller will sell anything to you.