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GameMaker Studio 2 Android Packaging 2020

Everybody is asking about GameMaker Studio 2 Andorid packaging. So lets show what must you select.

First step: Set Your Preferences

You must open preferences window from menus. Preferences/ Platform settings/ Andorid

You must create keystore. And download SDK, NDK and JDK with Game Maker Studio 2 Android settings and SDK,NDK guides.

Also you must change your usuable ram size. My pc’s ram is 8GB so i selected 5GB.

gms2 android packaging
android packaging

Second step: Game Settings

Open game settings and select Android

gms2 game settings
gms2 game settings

You’ll see your API level in there. If u can see API 28, select it.

gms2 jdk ndk sdk
gms2 android

Open Achitecture panel in there and follow this.

gms2 architecture
gms2 architecture

Last Step: Select your game properties


gms2 icon
gms2 icon
gms2 icon
gamemaker studio 2 icon


gms2 texture page size
gms2 texture page size
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